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Our four-season tents come in many shapes and sizes.

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What makes us stand out from the rest?

Our four-season tents come in a variety of models to suit any lifestyle, whether you’re a hardcore camper or a family of festival goers. And they will last. We are the only Canadian distributor of CanvasCamp, the highest quality canvas tents on the market. Plus, we offer speedy service and expert advice, tailored to the Canadian outdoors.

Compact & Portable

Pitch in 15 mins

Waterproof & Breathable

Up to 85 km/hr

Durable & Sustainable

Our Stove Collections

The Winnerwell Stoves

The Winnerwell line of stoves are the most highly-rated portable stoves on the market due to their high heat efficiency, ease of use, and durability. Designed for 3-season use (or 4-season depending on how hardcore you are).

The Orland Stoves

Designed and handmade in Denmark exclusively for our canvas tents, the Orland Stoves are powerhouses. Ideal for longer-term and 4-season use.

Stove Accessories

We have everything you need to get your wood stoves up and running. Take your stove game up a notch with our add-ons like an oven or hot water tank.