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High Performance Canvas Tents

Our four-season tents come in many shapes and sizes.

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The Ultimate Line

The Ultimate line is designed for recreational use - perfect for casual family trips or luxury camping, festivals, events, backyards and garden parties.

Sibley 400-600 Ultimate
from CA$1,100.00

The Pro Line

The Pro and ProTech (below) lines are our most technical, high-performing tents, featuring thicker floors, more durable canvas (achieved through higher-grade proprietary treatment), and heftier poles, guylines and stakes. Designed for long-term recreational and commercial use.

Sibley 400-500 Pro
from CA$1,290.00

The ProTech Line

Made with the same high-performance features as the Pro line (thicker floors, more durable canvas and heftier poles, guylines and stakes), the ProTech takes it a step further with 360-degree screened walls under the canvas.

Sibley 300 ProTech

The Canvas Cabin Line

The canvas cabin line is designed to accommodate outdoor gatherings; from backcountry basecamps to backyard retreats.

Roman Deluxe
Patrol Deluxe
Mess Tent

Tent Accessories & Awnings

Canopy Shelter
The Connector
Square Awning
from CA$285.00
Inner Tent 400-500
from CA$220.00
Bell Tent Footprints
from CA$160.00
Short Guy Poles
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