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EASY to pitch

The simple design of our tents, thanks to centre pole or tripod frame support and built-in guylines, means they’re quick and painless to pitch. One to two people can put up our tents in 15 minutes, tops.  


Compact & Portable

Our tents fold up into a duffle bag for ease of transport and storage (and style, of course). Weight and size vary depending on the model but takes up about as much room as your average large cooler.


Roomy & Wind Resistant

The high ceilings and tent-side walls allow you to stretch out and stand up tall. Don’t be fooled by the height though: the steep slope of our bell tents deflects wind gusts up to 85 km/hr.


Easy to Repair & Re-treat

The high-quality canvas can easily be repaired over time —  typically with a simple needle and thread or patches — reducing our environmental footprints and making the most out of your investment.


Waterproof & Breathable

The interior is naturally humidity-adjusted, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. Also, a proprietary treatment is added to the canvas to fend off mold and UV damage.


Durable & Sustainable

Made from 100% cotton (a renewable resource), our fabric is strong, built to last and, after its very long life, biodegradable. Our tents are also all made under fair and safe labour practices.

Versatile Design

Our high-performance 3- and 4-season Canvas bell tents come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re a Hardcore camper or festival hopper, choose from OUR Ultimate, Pro, or PROTECH lines — all perfect for Canada.  

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