The CitizenCanvas Manifesto

We sell top-of-the-line CanvasCamp tents, high-quality stoves and outdoor accessories for a fair price. But we’re more than a tent and stove shop, more than a camping gear store. We want to revolutionize the way you spend time outdoors in Canada, whether in the woods, the mountains or your own backyard.

We want to give you the confidence — thanks to our high-performance products and expert advice — to drive out to crownland, set up your canvas tent, your gear, your stove and just live in the wilderness, you know? Swim and hike and fish and paddle board and cook something that’s actually incredible (that isn’t freeze dried or assembled from a bag). Then pack it up and go somewhere else just as amazing. We want you to create a hunt camp that is as comfortable as it is functional. We want you to set up an epic backyard party.

To elevate your event space. Upgrade your festival digs. Pimp out an AirBnb outdoor guest stay. We want you to dance all night under the stars in a euphoric trance then lay down with your incredible set-up in your beautiful canvas tent space and think, man, THIS is what it’s all about. Or whatever you’re into.

We value thoughtful design that prioritizes livability and durability. We value sustainable materials and ethical practices. We value community, exploration and all the mind-blowing beauty that Canada has to offer.

We offer a higher standard of outdoor living.

What Sets Us Apart

Our four-season tents come in a variety of models to suit any lifestyle, whether you’re a hardcore camper or a family of festival goers. And they will last. We are the only Canadian distributor of CanvasCamp, the highest quality canvas tents on the market. Plus, we offer speedy service and expert advice, tailored to the Canadian outdoors.

Canvas bell tents come in many different styles with varying levels of function and quality. We only sell the CanvasCamp brand of tents – the highest quality canvas tents on the market and the only tent manufacturer with the Seal of Cotton label.

The OG of canvas tents.There are many high-quality features that set ours apart; from the heftiness of our zippers (size 10), heavy-duty nickel-plated stakes and poles, the thickness of the canvas and quality of the UV/mold/water resistant treatment, to the method of manufacturing and assembly (double stitching, flat-felled seams). Just to name a few.

Together, these features all contribute to the tent’s performance and lifespan. There's little comparison to the tents offered on Amazon, Alibaba, or by other international tent suppliers, with little to no local knowledge and support. We live and breathe Canada, so rest assured that you will receive speedy support specific to where you spend your time outdoors in this beautiful country. T

he same goes for our wood-burning tent stoves. We only offer top-of-the line portable and glamping stoves designed for Canada, optimizing output, safety, and style.

Why People Love Our Canvas Tents


Pitch in 15 mins


Waterproof & Breathable


Durable & Sustainable


Compact & Portable


Up to 85 km/hr

Why People Love
Our Canvas Tents

  • Pitch in 15 mins
  • Waterproof & Breathable
  • Up to 85 km/hr
  • Durable & Sustainable
  • Compact & Portable

Meet The Team

Erin - Founder/Owner

After a decade of camping across Canada in her CanvasCamp tent, Erin decided to bring the brand of high-quality canvas tents, CanvasCamp, to Canada.

Erin’s diverse career in business has focused on doing business differently, which is in line with our mission of inspiring a higher standard of outdoor living.

At CitizenCanvas Erin leads the strategy of the Company and is one of our product technical experts.

Favourite spot to camp in Canada: The Foothills of Alberta

Tent: The 450 ProTech for her queen bed, doggy bed, and stove.

Tip: To achieve a super taught tent set-up, stake alternating (criss-cross) sides when pitching your tent.

Dillon - Logistics & Customer Experience

Lauren is a travel and lifestyle writer, editor and content strategist who has worked with a ton of different brands. Her love of exploring new places and being outdoors-but-comfortable makes her a big fan of her canvas tent.

She leads our digital marketing and content at CitizenCanvas.

Favourite spot to camp in Canada: The Thousand Islands in Eastern Ontario.

Tent: The 400 ProTech for her little family of three, including a baby (and everything that comes with her).

Tip: To keep your groundsheet in good shape, put down a tarp (either from our website or a general hardware store).
This will also make packing your tent much easier.

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