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All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

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Explore new cuisines without carrying extra equipment. Grill. Wok. Smoker. Skillet. Braiser. Roaster. Deep fryer. Slow cooker. Stock pot. The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill is an outdoor cook’s dream. A cast iron base and domed lid, grill grate, baking steel, tripod stand, and coal tray combine in countless configurations to expand your outdoor dining options. Done cooking? Pack it all down into a single self-contained bundle to minimize what you carry.

Items Included: wok base, domed lid, grill grate, baking steel/griddle, tray lifter, tripod stand, adjustable coal tray, wind guard, and belt.

Dimensions:- 15" x 13" x 19"
Weight: 25.2 lbs

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