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Bison Stove

Bison Stove

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The Ultimate Companion for Cozy Outdoor Adventures

The Bison Stove is the epitome of outdoor heating excellence, blending coziness, warmth, and practicality. It's the perfect addition to your outdoor adventures, whether you're car camping, embarking on long-term outings, or setting up a permanent installation in yurts or cabins. Experience the outdoors like never before, with the comfort and warmth of home.

  • Innovative Glass Door Design: Experience a unique ambiance with a 180° view of the fire through the glass door, radiating warmth and atmosphere. The replaceable glass ensures longevity and continuous enjoyment.

  • Solid 2-Step Opening System: This system prevents flare-ups, allowing for a slight initial opening for optimal air intake, followed by a full opening once airflow is established, ensuring safety and convenience.

  • Heat-Regulating Firebricks: Lined with vermiculite bricks, the Bison Stove regulates heat efficiently, making it safe for tent use and allowing closer proximity to tent walls than standard models.

  • Airflow for Clean Combustion: Equipped with air intake vents and a baffle plate, the Bison Stove ensures efficient combustion and clean glass, providing a stable fire and protecting the interior from dirt and heat.

  • Multiple Air Regulators: With four air supply regulators and a precision regulator in the pipe system, you have complete control over the combustion rate and air extraction, maintaining the ideal temperature and fire stability.

  • Adjustable Interior Grill Plate: Show off your culinary skills with the adjustable grill plate, offering five height options for versatile grilling or easy removal for warmth and light.

  • Side-Mounted Drying Racks: Utilize the stove's warmth to dry clothes or warm socks overnight with easy-to-mount drying racks, sold in sets of two for ample space.

The Bison Stove is more than just a source of heat; it's an integral part of your outdoor living, enhancing your camping experience with its unique features and practical design. Whether you're grilling, staying warm, or drying gear, the Bison Stove is your reliable companion in the great outdoors.

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Which stove is the best?

Well, that depends on your needs.

Weight, portability, heat output and refueling are the major considerations.

We have smaller portable tent stoves and larger glamping stoves.

While the heat output of our portable stoves is comparable to our glamping stoves, you need to think about how often you’ll be refueling.

Our portable stoves just fit standard-length firewood but you will still need to splinter the wood, whereas our glamping stoves can fit three logs with little work involved.

Another consideration: the more windows, the cozier the ambiance.

Check out our ‘101’ on tent stoves.

Which tent is best for a stove?

Any of our tents can be used. The general rule of thumb to maximize heat output: the smaller and thicker tent, the warmer you will stay.

Do the stoves come with everything you need?

Generally, yes. If you aren’t venting your stove horizontally through the window, make sure you have purchased a modular stove jack (this is our most popular). We also highly recommend purchasing one of our fireproof mats (made with fiberglass) to avoid burning the base of your tent, as well as a pipe brush to keep your stove safely running at maximum efficiency.

Are the tents fireproof?

In a word, yes.

Many standards and tests for fireproofing exist.

Generally, a material is determined to be fireproof when it resists burning in a specific set of circumstances, in a specific time frame.

For camping tents, it all comes down to two tests: the cigarette test and the open flame test—CanvasCamp tents pass both.

Keep in mind: A fireproof material may still burn when exposed to fire exceeding the intensity or duration that it is designed to withstand.

So, to enhance the fire protection of your tent, we recommend applying Burnblock to any canvas that may be exposed to sparks from a wood burning tent stove.

This product is safe for your canvas tent, family and the environment as it’s made without harsh chemicals. Reapply Burnblock along with waterproofing treatment after deep cleaning your tent.

Still have questions? Check out our full FAQ section!

How do i practice fire safety?

General safety tips when using one of our wood-burning tent stoves in one of our tents:

• Use a carbon monoxide monitor when using a wood burning stove inside your tent.

• When using one of our exits, leave a minimum distance of four feet between the stove and the exit.

• Do your due diligence in advance of purchasing a tent stove from a third-party. We cannot provide advice on third-party products.

• Never leave your stove unattended.

• Use a double-wall stove pipe a jack, where possible.

• Scrape your ash and clean your flue (with one of our handy pipe brushes) after every fire.